Mission, Purpose, Values

We started over 37 years ago–and we're still going strong.

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Company 〉Mission, Purpose, Values

Started over 37 years ago.

Adhered to today.


We deliver transportation solutions to customers, families, and society, that will enhance the integrity, value, and quality of life.


No Bad Deals.

All those we interact with benefit from association with our company. We are constantly in pursuit of excellence in our image and operations. We do not compare ourselves to any other business, only to how WE were yesterday. We ALWAYS Deliver Transportation with Integrity.

Our Word is Our Bond

Our Values

Safety First
High Standards
Family Oriented
Results Driven
Customer & Driver Focused
Open Communication


About Meadow Lark

It all started with a card table, a telephone, and a new red chair…

Meadow Lark Agency, Inc. and Meadow Lark Transport, Inc. are an asset based 3PL with headquarters in Billings, MT. With over 40 terminals across the USA and exceeding $200 million in revenue, Meadow Lark stands apart because of its devotion to customer service and passion for the industry.

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